It’s Grand and it’s good.

A couple of weeks ago I was one lucky lady and was taken to see the boob himself. Mr B. Suave, Mr Michael Buble. I was excited and probably annoyed AT all day…ok all week prior giving him my renditions of various buble songs.

Prior to heading off to watch my future husband with my boyfriend (awkward), we headed to The Grand for a couple of bevvies and a feed.

I admittedly wanted to go there as they stocked my new fave drink, Trumpeters Iced Tea, and I knew the cibo was a bit of alright as well.

Ahh delicious is more like it.

The service at the Grand is always pretty friendly and laid back and that’s why the locals like it. I assume. The dining room looks a tad more fancy schmancy though, so hopefully the friendly service continues on in there. Will have to try it soon.

In case you’ve missed my previous ramblings about my new fave bevvie, it’s alcoholic iced tea using Sri Lankan tea leaves. And it is da bomb. That just reminded me that when I was young my email address was….yup it rhymed. I look upon those years now and shake my head in dismay…but I am still impressed a young JPizzle came up with a rhyming email address.


Latest fave. Trumpeters. Get on it. 

Back to the alcohol. It’s lightly fizzy with a noice flavour between a beer and a cider. Just the way I like it. (So pleeeease, catch my diseeease. Ah good old Ben Lee. Whatever happened to him….)

So we have a couple of Trumpeters, and perused the menu. Ok I admit I’d already looked at it on my phone on the way there, but I still like to make the menu feel special, so I looked at it nevertheless.

AT went with the pork cutlet and after umming and aahing, I chose the calamari, plum & radicchio salad. And because of my severe portion control issues, I also ordered the ‘semolina gnocchi’ chip…things. Essentially polenta chips given a different name to confuse.

So. The pork cutlet. Came out crumbed which was completely fine by AT but would suggest throwing those words onto the menu to make the next diner aware. But it did look ridiculously delicious. Pork Cotoletta style. And this thing was massive. Wilbur must have been a big, big boy.

 IMG_6787Crispy, oh so large, pork cutlet

My salad was delicious and exactly what I felt like. (Warning: wanky statement coming up)….the flavours were great together and never would have thought to combine calamari, radicchio and plum but will def be attempting to do a recreation at home.


Practically perfect in every way.

The semolina gnocchi (chips) were great and the chili style chutney that came with it was a highlight. Chippies weren’t as good as those at City Wine Shop though. Bit tooo soft for me. But still yum. And I still of course ate more than my share of those.


NB. Dipping sauce was delish. Chippies were crispy. Done deal. 

Overall a good vibe and perfect intro to a fab evening with Mr Buble.. And yes he was amazing, no he unfortunately didn’t ask me to marry him and yes he looked at me at least 4.5 times.

IMG_6827Oh, hey there Mr B. 

The Grand. 8.3/10

Grand Hotel Dining Room on Urbanspoon


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