Souva time.

Cmac and I have been trying to re-embrace Melbs, which involves trying to find a new lunchies place whenever possible. Because we are both suckers for a souva, when I saw Kalamaki, it was a no brainer.

Both of us have had many souvlaki both in Greece itself and at our second, cheaper option, Stalactites in ‘little greece’ further up Lonsdale.

Kalamaki has a chilled vibe and is unfortunately situated at the end of the touristy hardware lane. But hey, we can’t be hater coz of its location.

Being your typical Uspoon-fan, I’d read a few reviews and people were comparing it to souvas from Greece so my expectations were uber high. Cmac ordered the lamb souvlaki and for some reason this carnivore went with the chickpea souvlaki w tahini and yoghurt.


Chickpea souva with well placed sign.

You can’t argue with the price ($8/souva), but the quality and taste didn’t take me back to the donkey packed streets of Mykonos.

Cmac enjoyed his souva but wouldn’t write home about it, and I gotta say the same about mine. The pita itself was great, but the rest of mine was 80% lettuce and greek yoghurt. I couldn’t taste the tahini and where was the gaaaarlic??

I’m sure the people I met with that arvo back in the office were appreciative of the lack of garlic, but without that, it lacked a lot of flavour.

The place kept referring to their ‘virgin tzatziki’ which comes sans garlic. Let me think about that. Greek food without garlic? Not sure what their angle is on that one. But I say no no to that! Best part about greek food is leaving feeling like you could knock someone out with your breath.

They might have good reasoning for the lack of garlic. And if you know why, feel free to fill me in on that little secret!

I even just googled the term ‘Kalamaki’ to see if it meant ‘garlic’ hater’ in greek. But no, it means meat on a stick. Or a straw in case you were wondering. Or heading to Greece and want to make sure you can get a straw to drink ouzo with.

From Cmac’s review of the lamb, I prob wouldn’t even head back there to give that a go – ‘decent, but too much red onion’ was his very detailed summary.

The salads did look good, but I think I’ll leave it to Hellenic Republic and Stalactites to fill my greek void until I can afford to go eat 50 souva a day in Ios again. Also want to give the super hyped Jimmy Grants a go.


Kalamaki Greek Street Food on Urbanspoon

One thought on “Souva time.

  1. HI. My name is Sofia have read your article wanting to enjoy a souva that will remind you of Greece, I happened to be living in Greece for round 20 yrs so we cook authentic greek food. As i was doing a bit of research i bumped on to your comments and thought i would give you a bit of feedback, if you want to try a souvlaki that will leave your mouth the best sensation and are willing to travel on the western region and come and try our souva which i can bet ya you will be shocked when you taste our one. Every day we have been having positive feedback allways never had tasted a souvlaki like yours.etc etc. We are sure we will not let you down and will be happy to have you visit our restaurant .So come and try it not only in the cbd area go a bit further out!!!!
    Sofia and Kyriakos

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