Ain’t nothin’ Common about it.

The corner of Burwood and Glenferrie road seems to be where establishments go to perish. Whilst I was working in the area for a couple of years, I reckon that place changed 4 or 5 times. Until now. I hope. Otherwise this sounds silly and I’ll have to come back and delete that paragraph and it all gets a little awkward….

So a couple of weeks ago I ventured back to my old stomping ground to have a squiz at the relatively new Hawthorn Common. It was an overdue, overdue catchup with MK that was the reason. But hey, who needs a reason to have an awesome breakfast? Or any meal/bit of food for that matter.

Firstly, the place is huge. Ridic. If they are going to survive, word needs to spread fast. So spread the word! Twas a beautiful Saturday morning in Melbs and at around 10.30 the huge venue was probably half full. But I’ve seen oh so many insty posts from the place lately so I imagine it’s popularity is shooting sky high.

We got a great spot at one of the communal tables outside and it’s a great environment which somehow cuts out the noise of the busy people on Burwood Rd rushing to get a snag at Bunnings. Or maybe they were going to get some construction stuff… mind always thinks about food. Not a surprise to anyone I’m sure. I mean, I’ve just finished dinner and I’ve already planned breakfast tomorrow. (Muesli and 2…ok 3 pieces of avo on toast…in case you were wondering). Anywaay.

Ordered a flat white which was great, not too creamy and a smooooth flavour. I’m no coffee whiz. If I enjoy it, I’ll tell you. They’ve got a range of the hipster coffee (cold drip, aero press…) as well as fresh pressed juices which all sounded great. Def gonna go for a green smoothie next time. OH yes, there will be a next time.


Arty photo of cawfee. Incase you didn’t know.

After perusing ze menu, I went with the baked beans with spicy lamb sausage and a poached egg. Yep, pretty schweet. OH it gets better. As I ordered, the lovely waitress replied, “We cook our baked beans with bacon. Is that ok?”

Ha, trick question? Anyone who’s read any of my stuff will know that I have a special place in my heart for all things bacon. I’ve even utilised the hashtag #alwaysaddbacon numerous times on my Insty (@jpandmelb…shameless plug).

MK went with the pancakes which sounded great as well. Vanilla…fruit…honey syrup…what’s not to love. I’m more of a savoury person when it comes to brekky but pancakes always strike a little food envy in me.


Baked Beans (w Bacon), Spicy Lamb Snag w Poached Eggies.

The baked beans were really delicious. Such a rich flavour in the beans and the house baked multigrain sourdough was the perfect spoon. Usually go for GF toast when ordering brekky out, but when you can smell it when you walk in, there’s not deterring me from that!


Pancakes w Vanilla & Honey Syrup…and fruit…incase you were confused.

The pancakes were also a generous serving and MK demolished them. Always a good sign. They were fluffy but full of flavour and dense enough to balance with the vanilla and honey syrup. Ha wanky comments galore today.

Hawthorn Common are all about the organic. Straight from the farmer. Then scraps are composted and the circle of life continues….in the ciiiiirrrcclleee, the circle of liiiiiife. Oh yeh, Elton. Now I want to watch the Lion King. With bacon beans.

Overall fantastic food, and good coffee. Great vibe about the place and the random laughing places on the wall have to make you smile. Or feel a little creeped out. Either way, they make an impression.

I hope Hawthorn Common sticks it out here as they’ve got a good thing going! Bit of competition for the incredibly overrated Axil Coffee below. If I had a choice, I’d choose Hawthorn common ten times over.


Good luck to the commoners of Hawthorn. Power to ya!


Hawthorn Common on Urbanspoon

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