Friday. Rambling time.

Friday. Oooh yeh. Melbs has copped a fair bit of rain this week, nothing on Sydney’s downpours but people are starting to realise Winter is Coming. And so is Game of Thrones, hence why I am allowed to capitalise ‘Winter is Coming’…so there.

And if you don’t watch Game of Thrones, you won’t understand…and that’s ok too.

As the weather is still making up it’s mind on whether to be hot or cold or rainy or windy, we Melbournians embrace this by filling our ridiculously large handbags with umbrellas, jackets, hats, sunscreen and hey, with global warming, we might need to throw snow goggles in there too soon.

Pretty devastated, as I just grabbed a good old Milk Arrowroot to dunk in my tea…and it is now at the bottom of the tea cup. RIP Mr arrowroot…and tea. First world problem of epic proportions – when you pull the biscuit out of the tea…and there’s no biscuit. Boooo.

Heading to the comedy fest to see Dave Hughes tonight, which is also a good excuse to eat some food in the CBD prior so will post about that on the weekend.

Doing a hike/walk tomorrow as well…mhmmm, I’m exercising. Should be interesting seeing as I’m going with 3 epically fit individuals. BUT I have been promised food afterwards. They know how to sell exercise to me.

Anyhoo – Friday rambles over.
Enjoy your day people. Snack, snack away. Coz it’s Fridaaaaay.

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