Golden Royalty.

Saturday night in St Kilda. The sky was putting on a fantastic show and it was date night for me. Ooo yeh.

Golden Fields was ma man’s choice, and what a choice it was.

We didn’t book so made sure we got there at about 7 – 7.30 to make sure we didn’t have to wait long. Luckily there were free seats up at the bar, complete with bag hooks. One of life’s greatest inventions.

The service from the start was fine. Horrible word I know but that’s what it was. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. They just did their job and made everyone comfortable to a certain level. I love good service. Almost as much as I love bacon so that was a bit of a downer for me.

Perusing the ‘to share’ menu was a challenge in itself. I wanted errrrrything. We decided on a few starters to share and then we would take on the lamb shoulder. The waitress then informed us everything that we didn’t finish could be doggy bagged. Although this was fantastic news, it was almost a challenge… we heard it as “I bet you can’t finish the shoulder after all that food”. Challenge accepted my friend.


Standard cutlery photo. Want those chopsticks!

Ok so first up. If you are seated at the bar, be prepared to be used a bit like the bumpers at a bowling alley. (Side note: I haven’t bowled in years…but think I will forever appreciate the bumper bars). With a small space between us and the table behind, I reckon we were hit about 30 times throughout the meal, with only one person apologising. One old fella put his hand out to apologise and ended up tapping me on the rear end…awkward.


Quirky decor…a Japanese Roller Derby.

We were getting used to being a bumper and I was, of course, telling my AT about something really important, when IT happened. His face just froze, he giggled (ok maybe that’s not true)…and he managed to stammer “ahh…Dermott Brereton just sat next to you”. It was possible the funniest moment of my life. I have never seen him giddy. And this was reaction was the definition of Giddy-school-girl.

Yes Mr Brereton is royalty to any AFL lovin’ person. Half the restaurant stopped eating to watch him sit down. Next to me oooh yeh. I win. He’s a big guy so we often had a leg brush. Never washing my calf.

SO back to the food. Yes I know it’s hard but let’s concentrate. First up was the raw Duckfish with Avocado Puree. Yep I said Duckfish. Admittedly, we ordered the duck fish because neither of us had heard of duckfish.


Duckfish, Fresh Wasabi, Avocado and Konbu.

For me, it has a similar consistency to Kingfish. I would compare this entree to ChinChin’s Kingfish sashimi as they have very similar flavours. But…drumrolll…Golden fields does it better. Bravo my friends. So fresh and finishes with a tang but nothing overpowering. Great start.

Along with the Duckfish, arrived the Octopus dish. I would not want to have come across this octopus whilst having a splash around in the sea. This fella would have been rather large. Great fresh flavours once again, although the octopus was maybe a tad overcooked. The kimchi was delish and fresh and crisp. (love that word. just say it – crisP)


Grilled Octopus with Kimchi Sprouts.

Date night was going swell, especially as I was kinda on a dinner date with Dermott as well…although he was with a lady friend too. Naww. Sorry AT, you know you wanted to be on a date with him too.

Service didn’t really improve and there was a bit of a lack in atmosphere for some reason. Although a very entertaining part of it was watching a man seated next to AT trying to get a photo of Dermott on his iPhone in a VERY unsubtle way.


Fried Shitake & Cabbage Dumpling.

The third and final starter was the fried dumplings (usually 3…but we got 4, because neither of us would offer the other one the ‘odd’ dumpling!) The dumplings were really crispy but probably not enough filling for the amount of pastry. Twas’ a tad underwhelming, but I’d still eat 50 more of them.

After sipping on more Pinot Noir and failing to eavesdrop on Dermott’s conversations, AT was subjected to more of my ramblings. Just think, if you don’t like reading this, you can exit and go google something else…unfortunately he can’t do that.

Soon, we were ready to tackle the meat. A 700ish gram lamb shoulder of spectacular bambi. To accompany the meat on meat, we also order the side of green beans with XO sauce (or ‘kiss hug’ sauce as AT described it. He gets me).


Tomato & Chili Lamb with Mint & Coriander Paste.

This dish was oh so good. Beautiful rich lamb with so much flavour. Was expecting it to be a tad softer but I didn’t care that it wasn’t. We demolished that bad boy. Oooh yeh. The mint and coriander paste is also a welcome freshness. Well, lamb and mint, it’s not rocket science but damn it’s awesome.

Then, hehe, Dermott asked me what we were eating and somehow I managed to be super smooth and reply in a calm tone, whilst AT attempted to say something and all that he managed was a high pitched “Ur..”. Ooh yeh he played it so cool.

The only other lamb shoulder I have had is Cumulus Inc’s trademark dish and I have to say, they are very different flavour combos but I think G.Fields trumps them too!

Unfortunately we couldn’t fit in dessert after such an epic Meat Fest 2.0 but I will def be back to try that Peanut Butter Parfait.

So yes, I would go back. But I definitely want to book next time so I don’t have to be the bumper bar again, as it did detract from the night. BUT if you told me I would get to make small talk with Dermott Brereton again, then I would put up with the bumpies. It was also fantastic to watch my boyfriend turn into a ten year old girl who had just seen the biebster. Ew. I just mentioned Justin Bieber in a blog.

So overall, great food but the service and seat position could be improved on.

Up there Cazaly! 8.5/10

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