Food and dranks…but it was all about the beard.

Well, I do enjoy the blog life. If it paid the bills I’d do it all day err’ day.

On Friday night, my lovely friends at Trumpeters Iced Tea gave me two passes to the Autumn version of Flavour Exchange. A chance for foodies to check out some new products and judge other foodies whilst they attempt to take arty photos of every stall.

Ok I admit it, I tried to take photos….arty ones…buuuut I was too busy eating a ridiculous amount of food with ma buddy Cmac.


Kinda Arty…fellow foodies at Flavour Exchange

Our first stop was of course the awesome Trumpeters Iced Tea where founder Hayden Newton was impressing the crowds with their delish drank. I know I have mentioned this bevvie a few times, but get on it! They’re becoming uber popular and spreading their wings through many hipster bottleo’s in Melbs.

Trumpeters-ResizedWe moved around a couple of the vino stores to taste their produce and we had some delish Pinor Noir first up from Willow Creek Vineyard. I would like to be able to tell you more about the brand however the lovely frenchman pouring the drinks was incredibly distracting, and I walked away on Cloud 9 not having any idea what he’d said.

Of course to go with vino, we tried some cheeses. Brie on fresh baguette was on offer from Goldfields Farmhouse Cheese so we locked that in. The bread was delicious (I love bread ALMOST as much as bacon). Unfortunately the brie was really cold and therefore quite solid which took away from it. Thought cheese people would know ’bout cheese temperature….but hey they mighta been super busy and didn’t have time!

The biggest line of the night surprisingly belonged to the Natural Pasta House. The pasta for sale looked great especially because it was Tagliatelle, this Italian-try-hard’s fave. Sadly, the taster they were whipping up was carbonara. In my opinion, if you’re going to show off the pasta, don’t cover it in creamy, rich sauce. The service as well was rather rude considering they are trying to get their product out there. No smiles, no small talk, just “cheese?”. It’s parmesan for one. Two, sorry wasn’t impressed. Yes it was al dente but nothing spesh. Can get a whole lot better at the Waiter’s Restaurant up on Meyers Lane.

Cider was also available however the first we tried was ridiculously sweet unfortunately. The culprit was Endless Cider. IF you like sweet cider, then you will love this as it has a champagne base. Unfortunately for us non-sweeters, it really wasn’t drinkable.

To cleanse the pallet (in a weird way) we smelt some delish Gluten free chocolate brownies and made a beeline for them. Ok I made a beeline for them and Cmac had no choice but to follow the dessert-crazed female. Louisa Morris Cakes was the target.


The brownie was amazing. Although not hard to make, it can be over sweet, and this was just perfect. I was tempted to ask how many tokens it would take to take away the whole tray. But Cmac had his eye on different cider so we moved on to that.

Enter the beard.


Faire Ferments was set up to show the public what the Good Food Co-op has on offer. Ahhh yum. Only in a couple of bottle shops at the moment, but definitely get onto that if you love pears cider but prefer that it’s actually pears and not sugar.

Cmac also congratulated him on his epic beard which was definitely impressive and many hipsters north side could learn a thing or to from this gentleman.

Soon it was wrap up time and we were running around trying to eat and drink as many free samples prior to shut down time. The smell of sourdough was sooo alluring (especially for those of us who would live in a bakery) and so it was to Rustica Sourdough we went.


If I’m being honest, we ate the equivalent of a small town’s bread supply in the space of about 3 minutes. They had the plain sourdough and a Fig and Fennel (odd i know) Sourdough which was just, melt in the mouth (kinda), amazeballness. Gah bravo friends, bravo.

A great night out and if you love food and Melbourne definitely hit up the next event!

Check out for deets.

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