Food. Lunch. Go. Now

Lunch time on a work day. My second favourite time of the day. Home time is obviously numero uno. Coffee time snares the bronze medal. With a ridiculous amount of lunch choices around Melbs’ CBD, it’s possible to eat a different country’s cuisine for every meal. I should try that one day….

Lately I’ve been on a bit of an Asian bender and am loving all this spicy and noodley. So I thought I’d share my foodie thoughts in case you’re wandering around and want a good feed to get you through the arvo.

First up is Roll’d. Establishing itself as a favourite in the CBD and in the burbs, but like many good places, there is often a line. But if you are in the know and go for the ‘Soldier Express lane’, you will be in and out in no time.

Obviously their prime fave is their Rice Paper Rolls and I reckon the barramundi roll or the soft shell crab is the way to go. Each is accompanied with a saucy sauce of your choice. Spicy hoisin is great, but could be more spicy….and the Nuoc Mam is usually where this saucy lady dips. And you also get to attempt to put on a Vietnamese accent when you say it which is always fun.

Now my portion control issues are a huge, gigantic issue at Roll’d. I believe the regular female eater would consume 2 or maybeeee 3 rolls if they were super hungry. My usual is 3 and on many occasion, I have tackled 4 and then roll’d back to the office. Ha. Oh JP you so punny.


The most embarrassing part about ordering for is that they don’t all fit in one box. So I have just learnt to embrace my inner sumo and carry those two boxes with pride. Yeh that right, I eat.

Price averages at 3.50 per roll and as long as you aren’t a gutso like me, it’s a good meal for round 10 bucks.

9/10 for Rollie Roll’d.

Roll'd on Urbanspoon

I usually frequent the Roll’d in Goldsborough Lane (off Bourke St) and it was one day whilst I was waiting for my soldiers that I spotted a new, larger line forming next door. Rock the Wok. Snaps for the name kids, I have to say it a couple of times every time it’s mentioned just for the fun factor.

Now yes, be prepared to wait here. Around prime time lunch time (12.30), there will be a wait of about 10-15 minutes for your food but it is delicious once you get your lil’ box of yumness. You pick your meat, your sauce, your noodle. That’s it!

My recommendation is the Chicken, Egg Noodle and Jungle Curry. Med-i-um! I lurve my spice but this medium clears the senses and continues to burn. Fantastic, but don’t think I would venture into the ‘Hot’ categories of this lil’ joint.

Big fan of the place, especially because you get the funky little noodle box that you only used to see when Jerry would order Chinese on Seinfeld.

8/10 … continue Rocking that Wok fellas!

Rock the Wok on Urbanspoon

Final pick of today is a newbie in the CBD scene. Enter Paperboy Kitchen. Swished into the up and coming Little Lonsdale, this neato little place has got it going on. 4 items on the menu and you choose whether you wanna bun it, or bowl it.

Today I went with the Panko Fish Bowl and Cmac chose the Lemongrass meatball bowl. His was gone in lightning speed so I’m going to say he enjoyed it. A lot. My fish and accompanying rice noodle salad was delish! Such a fresh salad, love the chinese cabbage, even the noodles are delicious. The fish had quite a thick crumb on it but it still tasted delightful! Far from the fish fingers we used to march across the table in the mid 90’s.

Each bowl is also accompanied by a lil bowl of seasoned popcorn which is to die for! I would like a bath of them to sit in whilst watching movies. Ah amazing.


We both also went for one of their Vietnamese iced coffees at only $3.50 a pop, and it def gives you the kick needed to get through an arvo of reading a gazillion documents.

Big props to you Paperboy! We will def be back. May ‘roll it’ next time.

Can’t fault it. So good. Want more. Now.


Paperboy Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Now remember to always try and hold out til 12.30 for lunchies. If you can push it to 1pm then you’re going to have a brilliant, quick afternoon. Later lunch = arvo goes faster. It’s a scientific fact

Embrace the lunch time rush and get out and about. Little Lonsdale’s ‘hood would be my pick of the 3!

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