Go towards the light. The neon light. On Victoria St.

Breakfast is the tastiest meal of the day. I’m willing to argue the fact. It is the one meal where it is completely ok to ask for a plate of bacon. Can you do that at lunch or dinner? No.

The kids behind the brilliant LBSS on Victoria St know how much we love our brekky and thus added another caf to the Melbs scene in 2013. But unlike it’s Richmond/Little Vietnam counterparts, LBSS offers a quirky change to the usual breakfast scene.

The four behind LBSS are some of the most creative cats I know, so really this place was bound to be supercalifragilisticexpialadocious from the beginning.

Let’s start at the top. LBSS. Little, Big, Sugar, Salt.


LBSS. Little Big Sugar Salt. Still with me? Good.

A menu that’s split into four quadrants so even the most hungover hipster can understand it. You want big and salty, they got it. You want something little and schweet? They got you covered. You want to take a selfie in the bathroom? They even have a mirror there so you don’t even have to flip the camera around on your phone.

I’ve frequented this little gem many atime since it opened mid last year and it is yet to disappoint. The cawfee is def a standout with the beans, like many of the staff, from our little friend across the pond, New Zuland (you just read that in an accent didn’t you? Mhm I’m clever).

photo (1)

Pretend-arty photo of one of the many takeaway cawfees I’ve purchased…

The menu changes pretty frequently to match the season (no shite Sherlock). So to sum up the ramblings, you should go. Now.

Latest hit for me is the bottle of ‘Nuts’ sitting in the fridge. Tehe…nuts.

Almond milk (highlighting the ‘sans cow’ element for the slow ones up the back) with cawfee. What a combo. Had two on my most recent visit and although a tad pricey for a coffee hit ($7), well worth it. Specially when you get to drink it out of a medicine bottle. Warning for those hungover folk: push down on the lid and turn it. Or ask one of the friendly staff to do it for you if you’re feeling extra hazey.


So for my recent visit, I somehow gathered all my Melbourne friends, all 7 of them, and we ventured to Little Vietnam. They may think we went as a big group to catch up, but I really just took them all so we cook try most of the new menu so I knew exactly what to get next time.

Another warning, you will have food envy when you walk into the place. Every dish looks delish and you will be salivating. As they tell you, their kitchen is small (and I’m talking harry-potter-cupboard small) but their chef is very, very clever.

Yes, we had to wait. But going into an uber popular café on a Saturday morning and asking for a table for 7 is a dangerous feat, so we were expecting it. The oh so friendly staff offered us some cawfees as we waited and we began to catch up on the usual first world problems and laugh at the lycra clad members of the group who had begun to experience chaffage (yeh it’s a word).


We were lucky enough to score a seat at the ‘Big table’ which also comes complete with fish companions and the Hot Shot’s bball game….which I am hopeless at and almost lost the ball 12 times.

Whilst we waited for food and banter to move away from chaffage, few of us of course had to visit the world renowned ‘selfie station’ in the bathroom (hashtag moment). Warning, once hashtagged, that photo is flown up onto the interwebs on LBSS’ site so selfie-snapper beware.

Cue food envy.

After discussing the menu with, well, everyone, I went with the zucchini fritters and added an eggie. Because, well, I like eggs.


Zucchini Fritters, Egg, Avocado Smash, Quark

The dish looked great and I was prettttty  hungry so it went down a treat. If I had to pick on it, it probably didn’t need the quark cheese. It wasn’t mentioned on the menu and was probably a bit much when avo was already there. The fritter itself was exactly what you’d expect and had a good flavour. I had taken on two of the ‘Nuts’ (ha insert joke here) by that point so that could have been the reason for why I didn’t enjoy the quark.

The Bircher looked awesome and EY (no not Ernest & Young) really liked it. The textures looked awesome on the plate and I think it was the first muesli I’ve seen on a plate. Oh that LBSS, always thinking outside the square….or bowl…



Next up was the ‘Murica. Aka a motherload of food. The one American at the table didn’t like the title at first…but you can’t realllly argue with the description, ‘…It’s like being in America, but with less chronic obesity’. MP didn’t realllly enjoy the cornbread, and to be honest, it did look a tad dry, but it was still devoured so that says something!


‘Murica! …F yeahhh. (You were thinking it)

The breakfast burger was were my food envy kicked in. Two words – chorizo pattie. Oh yes. The two gentlemen  who wisely chose this absolutely demolished them. My significant other being one of them, who reviewed, and I quote “These buns are better than my girlfriend’s”. We are currently not speaking.

photo (2)

Breakfast Burgs. mmm.

Moving on!

The ‘Gravadlax’ also was a hit with the group, and one I will def be back to try. Hungry cyclist + delish food = minimal conversation. Quite a change for this individual.

photo (3)

Cured Ocean Trout, Carrot Quinoa, Fermented Courgette, Quark

And finaaaallly, the Acai bowl. Ridiculously on trend at the moment and it didn’t disappoint. The lovely Texan lass who ordered it hadn’t had it in Aus yet. The fruit on top looked ube refreshing and she liked the fruit – acai ratio. LC gave me a fantastic breakdown at the end of the meal and although she thought it was a tad expensive ($16) she would definitely order it again. And that’s what you want isn’t it?


Acai…totes on trend.

Next time, I’m going to convince someone to try the ‘Hot Mess’, primarily so they can say Hot Mess to a waiter but the dish did look awesome.

The big group loved the vibe of the caf and the artwork and tunes add to the great atmosphere.

Just try and ignore the sweets cabinet as you leave as well. Salted caramel donut anyone? Oh yeh I said it. Go on. You know you wanna.

Big fan of LBSS. Props to you guys.


Little Big Sugar Salt - LBSS Cafe on Urbanspoon

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