Found: Cure for the summer heat

Yes it’s hot. We know. The heatwave sweeping the nation, otherwise known as Summer, seems to have instilled panic in everyone. But it’s ok. Calm yourself. Whilst mingling with Melbourne’s finest at Cherry Lane in Richmond on ze weekend, I discovered a bevvie that will refresh and restore calm in everyone and the only worrying fact is, it’s new so you can’t get it everywhere!

I love a beer as much as the next person but like many of us, the bloatey post-beer feeling ain’t so great.

I like cider…but often find it a tad too sweet and some of them taste like melted down candy canes. (not really…I’m just trying to think of something realllly sweet and that’s the best thing Monday brain could come up with).

Enter Trumpeters Iced Tea. Alcoholic iced tea for the masses.


Massive picture – emphasising awesomeness

As I mentioned, this little bebeh has only been on the market for under 3 months and is only stocked in a few of Melb’s best bars but if you want a good bevvie that’s juuuust right (quoting goldilocks…again), this is for you.

My new future-bestie, Hayden Newton has come to the rescue with this product. Sourcing tea leaves from Sri Lanka (tick) and adding premium vodka (tick) has proved to be a winning combination.

Must admit I was keen on the drink from the start. The Gatsby-esque label catches your eye and I knew I was onto a winner. The 20’s theme of the label (I’m guessing) relates to the fact the tea is a twist on an old N’Orleans (say it in the accent, you know you want to) recipe when iced-tea ‘with a kick’ was being drunk under tables across the city.


1. Get onto

2. Find a bar or bottle-o near you that’s lucky enough to stock it

3. Consume the goodness and let the stressful heat just slip away

Good luck in the heat Melbs. Keep cool.

Saw a group of business men strolling the city with Icy Poles earlier. Everyone’s prepping to melt in the heat.


When googling Trumpeters –  ensure to write Iced Tea. I am not talking about the bird. Just an FYI.

Peace out and thank me later x




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