High Flying Timber

Tall timber. Get it? Yep? Good. My bad for the awful title, it was the best I could come up with on a Friday morning.


Sign. Probably didn’t need a caption.

 If you’re in the Prahan area or in fact the Melbourne area, go to Tall Timber. You won’t be disappointed. I came across one of the best breakfasts I have ever had. The company was of course fantastic as well and her hungover state proved to be thoroughly entertaining.

Tall Timber is relatively new on the caf scene and is already proving itself. I met my lovely AB early on a Saturday morning for some pre-haircut foodie goodness, and to catch up on all of our first world problems.

Coffees were ordered,  Niccolo – roasted onsite (props to them), and the conversation jumped from men to vodka to men to puppies. As it usually does with me since I recently acquired possibly the cutest little Puggle you have ever seen. See, I ventured onto the puppy-tangent again. My bad.

The décor of Tall Timber was what caught my eye when I first walked in, and the surprising lack of hipsters which was a change to my usual haunts. The beard – man ratio was surprisingly low. Very ‘clean cut’ design if that makes sense…I’m no architect so I’m just going to leave it at that.

Ok I’ll admit it, until this fateful day I had never tried the ‘cures-everything, heart-helping, superhero superfood, that is Kale. I’d seen it at the markets but really had no idea what to do with it and so when I saw it on the menu, I thought this is it. I’m going to be healthy and order the kale brekky. With a side of bacon. Mmm bacon.

Extra large photo below to emphasise the awesomeness….


 Kale, asparagus and green beans topped off with two poached eggs, goats cheese and toasted almonds….and bacon.

Wham bam thank you ma’am.

Simple food, done oh so well.

I also must say, loved how they put my bacon into the dish instead of just in a pile on the side. Although everyone loves a pile of bacon, was great to have it all whacked together.

The flavours in this brekky-sensation are incredible. I knew AB was talking but wow my brekky was just way too distracting…sorry AB. The first world problems were a distant memory.

My first experience with Kale, v memorable indeed. Kinda sad that it sort of sounds like I’m referring to a person, but it’s true. I’d go there again.

The goats cheese was tasty and just creamy enough to match with the asparagus and kale combo. The bacon added an extra salty  component, but yes JP, probably wasn’t needed. Who am I kidding, bacon is ALWAYS needed.


Tru dat.

I’m pretty sure I dreamt about this breakfast for a solid week after and would sit in traffic again and again to get to this delish lil’ dish.

Service was awesome too, really friendly staff who weren’t just there to earn enough money to fix their fixie.

If I hadn’t had the bacon, I probably would have gone for one of the cakes in the cabinet as we paid as well. So much sugary goodness. After the salt in my brekky it was oh so hard to turn away from it all. But I did. Pat on the back to me.

If you haven’t discovered this fine quality Timber, please do so. Your tastebuds will have a little shindig in your honour.


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