Two Zero One Four

Well hey howdy hey, it’s a new year, and finally got back onto this. So breathe, it’ll all be ok, you all (mum) now have something to read again to, hopefully, entertain you.

Although I haven’t written in a while, I have been galavanting around this fine city, wining and dining and am already planning new food adventures for 2014.

Over the break I ventured to the little town of Pambula, near the border of the great state of Victoria and the home of the New South Welshmen. For a little town, (pop 700…according to a rusty sign), the food was fantastic!

A town filled with beautiful beaches, laid back people and a whole lotta seafood. Yeh I know, pretty awful way to spend your holiday.

If you do get to venture to this little spot of paradise, swing by Santa Fe in Merimbula with it’s amazing Fish Tacos, and Wheelers (also Merimbula), the home of the best oysters I have ever had. Gah, salivating.

For a scrumptious pie, and I’m talking one that doesn’t leave ‘that’ feeling on the roof of your mouth, you know the one….The bakery next to Tackle World in Merimbula will rock your socks. Yep that’s as small as this place is, that’s all the direction you need. Side Note! Do NOT try ‘the home of Merimbula’s best pie’ bakery….I find that statement HIGHLY untrue and a burn on my leg proved their pie oven is toooo hot (quote – Goldilocks).

I hope NY resolutions are still in full schwing for you and if you promised to eat healthy…well…good luck with that. I say the same thing to myself every year. With my portion control issues and a ridiculous obsession with cheese and dark chocolate, there was no point in even saying that sentence on the 31st!

Peace out Melberrrn. X

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