Oysters….in Richmond?

I’m getting old. Another year passes and so does my birthday. Yep, I’m one of those kids who got the ‘combined bday & christmas presents’. Cop. Out. But then again, you also can get some pretty schweet pressies when it’s a combo, so it’s a win-lose type of situation….Apologies. 10 year old me just needed a rant.

Back to ze food.

My lovely man, aka boyfie for the young’uns, took me on a birthday extravaganza yesterday and refused to tell me where we were going until we got there. I don’t like surprises. Especially when it comes to food. So this was a big step for me. Pat on the back. I need to study a menu for at least a full day prior before venturing to a new locale so I was a tad nervous where the fella would lead me.

He did not disappoint.

So first up, we ventured to the high flying (in every sense of the phrase) Lui Bar. Shannon Bennett’s baby’s sidekick as one could describe it. Ok, the bar connected to Vue Du Monde…see what I did there?

A negroni tickled my fancy as a bday treat and although rather potent, the Campari laced bevvie was delicioso and was complimented by a spectacular view over my fave city.


I will still none the wiser about the dinner location and had been given absolutely no hints by my redheaded companion. So with my newly received bday balloon and flowers we soon ventured to the dinner location.

Bring in Richmond Oysters.


For the unfamiliar, a seafood place situated near the Swan Hotel (or the dirty dirty Swan as many locals refer to it), wouldn’t be the first choice. But let me assure you, it would be the right one.

With fresh seafood available to cook at home, order as takeaway or eat in, this will be my new go to place when in need of some oyster/prawn/scallop/tuna/salmon/fishy goodness.

This quaint little joint has been in business for over 50 years, initially set up by  the Anassis bros in the late 50’s. Not much to look at décor wise but who needs fancy chairs when there’s fresh seafood everywhere!

Must admit I haven’t had fantastic seafood in Melbs as yet. Hailing from the northern state, they’re pretty spoilt with Nemo and his friends. But Richmond Oysters is where it’s at.

AND I was so trusting that I didn’t even look at the menu. Didn’t even open it. I knew that whatever was put in front of me would be delicious and then some. Luckily the choice of the red head came in the form of a two tiered, giant seafood platter.

It was damn good.


Apologies for the photo quality, I was competing with a very hungry male so had to make it snappy. Ha, snappy…camera…or snappy…snapper…works on so many levels.

With no idea where to start we sampled hot – cold – hot – cold, with tastebuds going into overdrive. Priced at $120, there is enough seafood on here to sink a ship. Odd reference considering the seafood would be in the water when this ship sunk…but you get my drift.  Ha, drift…water…ok I’ll stop. Now.

Special mention to the mussels with a simple tomato & onion broth. Small yet beautifully cooked. Same can be said for the scallops. Always a favourite, and although they were small and had a slightly more meaty texture, they were a highlight for me.


Always a fan of fresh and grilled seafood and never reallllly been a fan of the fried stuff, and unfortunately the fried element – salt & pepper squid, did let the platter down a little. Not a lot of seasoning and a little too much fry factor. But that’s my only gripe with an overall superb Seafood platter.


Close of up the deliciousness factor. (Side note: see his hand moving?? He couldn’t even wait for the photo to snap (ha snapper) before digging in…it was THAT good.)

Accompaniment was a lovely Pinot Noir from Mornington. Yes red wine goes with seafood. Especially the light ones. Do it, you’ll thank me later.

Service throughout the evening was great. Just enough and not invasive. Although maybe they need to invest in slightly bigger tables for the fatties like us who had the seafood platter…wine…two different types of water…and a whole of cutlery…


The Weapons of Mass Digestion

 After playing with the crab, as everyone does (don’t lie), and devouring silky smooth salmon and kingfish sashimi, moreton bay bugs and the best cooked tiger prawns I’ve ever had, I was full. Content. Done. No more.


Until of course dessert time, time for the 2nd stomach to kick into gear. Frozen (by a Thousand Blessings) was the destination. Creamy froyo and berries was the perfect tang I needed after the seafood. First time eater, long-time fan.


Dreamt of scallops and crabbies and prawns (oh my!) and was a very happy (older) lady!

Richmond Oysters – 9/10 star(fish) ….lose the fried calamari and that plate is a dieci.

Richmond Oysters on Urbanspoon

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