So it’s Friday. Woop Woop. The sun is out. Woop (repeat). Working from home on a day like this has so many perks. 

Dog & I went for a walk. For exercise. But that always ends up in us both sitting at the patisserie having coffee. (Pfft Dog has no coffee). Shout out to Provence in Camberwell. Love your style. 

Great day for a rooftop bar. One of the few days in Melbourne’s cray cray weather calendar that is suited to a rooftop. I always wonder why the city that has 4 seasons in one day is known for the outdoor bar. Go Figure. I like it. 

I had no reason for this post. Some may refer to it as procrastination. I’ll call it creativity.

Sidenote. Shania Twain just started playing on my computer’s shuffle. 1. So glad the boys aren’t home to hear me singing along to ‘Man I feel like a Woman’. 2. No idea why this song is still on my iTunes….men’s shirts, short skirts, wooaAAOOHH.

So its 2013. Hopefully your resolutions are still going strong. I made myself about 16.5 resolutions so I’m hoping at least one of those will stick. I’m quietly confident. 

Few foodie places I’m uber excited about that are opening soon. Big props goes to the crew of LBSS opening soon on Victoria St, Richmond. Killer crew. Get on it. 

Gavin Baker’s new venture Little Hunter is already sounding ridiculously yum so looking forward to checking that out too. Meat and lots of it. Oh so good.

There’s my rambles. 

Peace out broheim. 

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