400 Gradi. You’re Smokin’.

Pizza. The magic word. No, not the cheesefilled crust, meatathon variety.

Imma talkin’ about true, italiano pizza with minimal toppings, thin base and a whole lot of mamma mia’s, mio dio‘s & delicioso‘s.

I’ve tried the best of the best. Sorrento, Firenze, Napoli, Roma. Places were kids were born making pizza dough.

Recently an article came out in The Age, debating Melbourne’s best pizza and where to find it. Previous to this I’d tried D.O.C in Carlton, which is definitely up there. Beautiful base and simple toppings. My favourite being anything with Prosciutto San Daniele. If you haven’t been there. Go. I didn’t think it would get much better than D.O.C, but then I was introduced to 400 Gradi.

400 Gradi, a Pizzeria down the Brunswick Rd end of Lygon St, welcomes those who want the real deal. I read a few reviews that said there wasn’t enough topping on the pizza…that’s the way it’s meant to be kids. So off I went with my Kew bestie, JS.

JS had recently returned from Italy and was craving two things, a good pizza and an Aperol Spritz. So we were seated and the drinks were ordered.

ImageMy Choice – Campari, Soda & Orange. 

Whilst umming and ahhing over the menu and drooling over other table’s orders and the Vespa’s parked out the front, we ordered the Antipasti plate. ImageProscuitto San Daniele, Salami, Olives, Buffalo Mozarella, Fior Di Latte….all my friends. 

This was the perfect starter. A small amount of each for the both of us, hell, even the bread sticks were good. From memory it was also well priced for the size of the dish.

The Age had raved about the Zingara Pizza (San Marzano Tomato, Hot Salami, Fior di Latte & rocket) so I decided to give that a whirl. In the words of the totes cray cray Rachel Zoe, I die. It was incredible.


Gah. I’m salivating looking at the picture. Beautiful, fresh ingredients, chewy pizza base (cooked perfectly at 400 degrees/gradi….hence the name). To die for. I want one right now. Go. Right now. I seem to say that alot about food in Melbourne, but this has to be the best Pizza in Melbs.

I must admit, I struggled to finish it, even though it wasn’t uber grande. But I refused to leave a morsel of such a delicious creation on my plate so I powered through.



JS pondered for a little longer than I did and decided on the Paesana (San Marzano tomato, Fior di Latte, Sausage, broccolini & fresh cherry tomatoes). Although I was a little sceptical about broccolini on a pizza, she gave it raaaave reviews. Sadly JS is not a human trashcan like myself and couldn’t quite finish. But she tried her best, and that’s all you can ask for!


Overall, was a fantastic meal with great company, service & italian flair. Don’t bother heading to the tourist end of Lygon, 400 Gradi is where it’s at!


400 Gradi on Urbanspoon

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