Touche has lost it’s Touch

I’ve been your biggest fan for months Touche but you’ve lost that loving feeling. It’s not me, It’s you. I hate breaking up, but that’s the way it has to be.

Mexican fever has well and truly gripped Melbourne and my love for Fish Taco’s has been well and truly satisfied on many occasions, however this was not one of them.

I ventured to the Hombre one Friday a few weeks back (apologies for the delay, its a breakup, so it’s taken me a while to find the right words)

After waiting almost 2 hours for a table, we were well and truly ready to chow down. I ordered a ceviche, fish taco and the biggest mistake I have made in a restaurant to this date, the ‘sorpresa’ taco. Aka – we won’t tell you what’s in it, until you’ve tried it. E & K ordered the fish taco, and the chicken, a much wiser choice.

Apologies for the lack of photos, it was super dim lighting, and honestly the food didn’t reallllly deserve a moment in the spotlight.

I have had the ceviche here before and loved the chunks of fish and brilliant tangy dressing. This Ceviche arrived and I was bitterly disapointed. It seems since Touche have become more popular, servings have changed and the quality has gone down hill. This ceviche was more like a cup of tomato and avo with a bit of fish as an afterthought. It was also surrounded by a mass amount of cornchips…compensating for something??

The fish taco was good, can’t complain about that. I could never ‘diss’ the fish taco, we’re besties.

Then the ‘sorpresa’ arrived. I bit into it, recognising a chewy meat, and couldn’t realllly tell what I was eating. After one bite I knew it wasn’t really for me, (I’ve eaten weird before but this wasn’t good). The waitress informed me it was Chicken Heart. For the first time in many, many years, my stomach turned. To make matters worse my friends decided to open up the taco and reveal the three little hearts sitting amongst the lettuce.

Surprise is one thing. But sorry, wasn’t a fan of eating organs. Expensive little heart too!

I know you might think I’m just sour about a bad menu choice, but the service, the food, everything, has gone down hill. Those chefs are drinking too much tequila.

Sorry Touche, I’d rather wait on the Mamasita stairs than go through all that again.

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