Vino. Escargot. Siglo.

Yes I have been super slack with this lately but have been to some great places in the interim so will hopefully catch up on my blogging!


On the spring-temper Sunday we had a few weeks back, I ventured out during the afternoon to meet a couple of friends and we ended up at a long time favourite, Siglo. Siglo is like that best friend that you don’t  see for ages and then when you catch up after a while, its like you’ve never been separated.

The view, the service, THAT Tempranillo and the food. Siglo can’t really put a step wrong. This place is the perfect date venue in my opinion (take note future suitors).

Siglo was where I discovered Tempranillo, a full bodied red wine, whose grape variety grows in spain. So I now have two Spanish loves, Rafa & Tempranillo.

ImageNeeds no explanation. Not really relevant. But gosh he makes you love tennis.

ANYWAY, back to Siglo. After a couple of glasses of Tempranillo (and wishing i was there on a date with Mr Nadal), we decided we were peckish (as I always am) and picked a few items from their menu. Reasonably priced menu considering the view you soak in and the quality of the food itself.

The best thing about this parisian-esque bar is that they serve the fancy cocktails, the fancy wine, the fancy food and then at the bottom of the menu, you find Sausage Rolls & Party Pies on offer. Totes Amazeballs.



(With a photobomb from the Tempranillo)

This ‘plank’ proves the place has amazing service & waiters who are attentive! Even though the dishes are on the menu as separate items, we were pleasantly served this beautiful platter of food. All hot & fresh and incredible. One of our party hadn’t tried escargot before and was so glad he did.

The last escargot I had was in Paris, admittedly on a Contiki tour, and all I could taste then was Garlic! (Yes, first world problem indeed). But these were beautiful, slightly chewy, with a kick of garlic but not overpowered. Special mention to the Sausage Rolls as well. These aren’t your ordinary sausage rolls. ACTUAL meat, herby goodness with fantastic sauce accompaniments to boot. Try it, you’ll love it.

I’ll be back when we get our next hint of Spring, Siglo!

Overall 9/10. (You may think I just rate everything highly, but I am just lucky with my choices!)

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