Axil Coffee Roasters…not so great coffee

Reigniting our weekend breakfast ritual, Lala and I headed to Axil Coffee Roasters on Burwood Rd, Hawthorn. I’d heard great things so set the bar high. That was my first mistake.

A large venue, 80% full on a Saturday morning would usually indicate good things. But in my opinion, these Melbournians are creatures of habit and haven’t ventured away from their usual.

We were seated promptly and although we had both discussed the menu in detail on Friday at work (as we usually do), we once again pretended to peruse and ordered coffee. My second mistake, asking for a ‘strong’ SKFW.


It may look innocent, but this coffee packed a punch and a half. Some may say that was my downfall and they usually do really good coffee if you let them do it ‘their way’, but sorry not convinced. I drink about 6-7 coffees a week and this wasn’t up to par. Slightly nutty flavour and too bitter for my palette.

Lala, who isn’t keen on sweets, was super excited to try the Savoury French toast which came with Mushrooms & Spinach.

ImageIt did look great when it arrived, but Lala wasn’t impressed. Good quality mushrooms but lots of seasoning had to be added and in her opinion it lacked flavour over all. Half of it was left on the plate. And that’s a big indication of a not-great dish when with a human trashcan like myself present at the table.

After umm-ing and ahh-ing, I decided to go with the Breakfast Quesadilla. It sounded so good and if I had what was described on the menu put in front of me, then I would have been happy. But sadly, as good as it looked when it arrived, this was another dish that lacked overall flavour. And sorry Axil, that’s not a Quesadilla.


I don’t want to completely bad mouth the place, because it wasn’t awful, it just continuously didn’t live up to expectations. The Quesadilla, or in my opinion – Tortilla with beans etc, had a kick of chilli…and that was about it.

You could tell there was so much potential with the great produce on top, but the Tortilla was soggy and chewy and just wasn’t Melbourne-standard. In saying that, I did finish it, but that’s because my mother taught me not to leave the table without finishing what’s in front.

I’m hoping Axil was just having a bad day. But sorry, that was enough to wipe it off my list.

Overall 5.5/10.

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