Gyoza Obsession.

I am lucky enough to live in very close proximity to Suzuran, a Japanese Grocery shop and Sushi Bar. Constantly buzzing with people, this small shop is your go to place for all things Jap-style. From Sake to Sushi Mats, from Green Tea ice-cream to (my personal fave) Gyoza galore.

I came to the (sad) realisation earlier that over the last weekend, I consumed 45 gyoza. No. Sadly that is not a typo.

Suzuran sell frozen seafood and pork gyoza which you can cook up yourself. After my housemate Captain Morgan requested some Japanese supplies, I went a little overboard and ended up with this.

Now it may not look like much but this haul (about $70…aka 130984197 yen) included a total of 60 gyoza, 3 fish (habuka, salmon & tuna), edamame, kimchi and chili squid. I told you I have portion control issues.

The Chilli Squid Salad – Fantastic. Aka Sansai Gai…I think

Although I wouldn’t recommend consuming the same amount of Gyoza as I did over a two day period, they a def worth a trip to Camberwell as they are so simple to cook and (when done correctly) are on par with some of the gyoza I had in Japan earlier in the year.


1. Bit of oil in the pan so the gyoza won’t stick.

2. Place all gyoza in the hot pan, flat side down and let them cook for 2-3 until they’re brown on that flat side. DO NOT TURN THEM OVER! (The japanese lady stressed this to me on my first purchase, so I am passing on the wisdom)

3. With the lid to the pan at the ready, turn the heat down to medium, pour in about 80-90ml of water over the gyoza and cover for a further 2 or so minutes or until the water has absorbed into the gyoza.

4. TADAAAAA. gyoza time.

Now Suzuran isn’t for the feint hearted, there’s a few things in the frozen section that might turn your tummy, but if you’re willing to try anything, grab it all and have a ball!

The sushi bar is uber popular but definitely not cheap so be ready to fork out the yen. The produce is so so fresh though, so I say go for it.

I am now in some form of Gyoza-coma and think I’m turning Japanese (i think I’m turning japanese I really think so nanananana)

Kanpai! 8/10
Suzuran on Urbanspoon

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