Best way to start a morning. Crabapple Style.

So this morning I was trudging along Glenferrie Rd to work, stressing about meetings and reviews and thought I’d cheat on my coffee man. And it was. awesome!

I wouldn’t usually blog about a place where I hadn’t tried the food yet, but the service and the coffee was enough to win me over already!

Crapapple Kitchen is a new little piece of heaven on Glenferrie Rd. Now I must admit I only had a coffee (my usual Strong Skinny FW) and it was smooth, rich and creamy. Not sure of the brew name but go try it for yourself!

What won me over was the attentive, friendly staff, making your Thursday morning awesome. At 8.30am there was already about 15 people seated eating brekky and I was suffering major food envy.

Definitely going back to try one or all of the pastries!

This is a very dangerous find for those of us with portion control issues. Portuguese Tarts, Almond Croissants, Lemon Tarts, oh my!

Will update more after I’ve tried the food! 🙂
Crabapple Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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