Camberwell gets a french lesson.

Someone with my portion control issues should not be allowed into anywhere that distributes baked goods. Its dangerous. Especially when it is a patisserie.

I have managed to somehow avoid the Provence Artisan Bakery on Burke Rd since I moved to the Camberwell locale as I knew that as soon as I stepped inside I’d be hooked. If you could purchase the scent of bread baking I would wear it every day. That’s how much of an addict I am.

I finally gave in last weekend and ended up going twice in 24 hours. Coffee was great and super strong as requested and I also have a new best friend, Mr Almond Croissant. I asked the staff what they would recommend as I was about to order one of everything and Mr Croissant was selected.

ImageAlthough it bordered on being a tad too sweet, the almond meal enveloped in scrumptious pastry, covered in slivered almonds makes me want to run there now and buy another.

Definitely returning to try everything else, but the Almond Croissant is definitely my new staple item.

The staff were fantastically hospitable, and I loved that the ‘locals’ could walk in and they were each personally greeted by name and didn’t even have to say what their coffee was. My type of place!

Overall 9/10! (If they somehow made almond croissants good for you, it would be an 11!)


Provence Artisan Bakers on Urbanspoon

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