Cumulus misses the mark.

Don’t get me wrong. I have frequented Cumulus Inc a couple of times since I moved to Melbs early last year. But my Sunday night experience ended on a sour note, and I’m not talking about the lemon curd in the Madeleines!

ImageOur night started like most do with me…being told the wait at Chin Chin was over an hour (which I could usually handle, but my tum tum disagreed). So we ventured up Flinders Lane to Cumulus Inc.

I have had the ever popular Lamb Shoulder a couple of times now, and as good as it is, we weren’t hungry enough to tackle that much animal!

I think if you asked her, my partner in crime would have travelled to Melbourne from north of the border just for the Cumulus Freekeh salad. (It’s freekeh-n good…ha bravo me).


The ‘salad’, comprised of Cracked wheat, freekeh salad, preserved lemon and barberries, accompanied with creme fraiche is well balanced and matches the Lamb Shoulder perfectly for those who want to take on the beast of a dish.

We went with the whole baby snapper, which was so tasty, although it seemed we were slightly rushed to consume it by the staff. I’d prefer the Freekeh with red meat but it still worked with the fish.


Side note. Probably best not to order a whole fish when your guest has a broken arm, deboning a fish one handed (left handed at that) is not the easiest feat!

The waitress, although very attentive with filling up our water, then turned on the upselling of really anything that was on offer. I was afraid she was going to offer herself to us at one point. I hate to say it, but on the other occasions I have frequented Cumulus, our bill was alot higher and we received much more hospitable service…

After giving into the waitress and her upselling, we decided to finish on a madeleine filled with lemon curd. So soft and fluffy but I think Fenix does a better Madeleine. And no not referring to the red headed french school girl in the blue dress).


I love to listen to the sales pitches of waitstaff and the young lady’s description of the Lemon Garden tea is one that I probably wouldn’t recommend she use again. When asked what it was like she replied;

“Its Tangy …. and earthy”…..Lemon…Garden…bravo.

And now for the sour note. I’m usually not one to complain, but as soon as the meal was over the waitress decided she didn’t need to assist any further. After requesting the bill twice over 15 minutes, she continued to clean the benches around us to make way for new invisible patrons, swept the floor a little, spoke to the other staff and finally after a 3rd request, she moved to the till to bring up our bill.

Big fan of the Cumulus cloud people but sorry love, you didn’t do the team any favours.
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