I mean, who doesn’t? My love for Italy is only trumped by the love of Italian food. Pasta. Pizza. Canoli. Gelati. Crostoli. All the food groups.

So when discussing the pasta love with my trainer at the gym, I was told that yes a Spag Bol bowl that’s recipe usually serves 4, is not a good dinner. Especially at 9 or so at night. But never fear, Zucchini Man is here!

I was at first very sceptical but hear me out before you judge. Zucchini posing as pasta. Now I’m not saying all imitation foods are good by any means. I mean I can’t even look at the “duck”/”chicken” at Vegie Bar in Brunswick. If you go to a VEGIE bar. Just eat VEGIES!

But this is different. Julienne the zucchini (about a large zucchini per person/3 zucchinis for those like me with portion control issues). Then throw it in the pan with some good olive oil and garlic for a couple of minutes, add some tommy tomatoes, chill and … tada!

I am keen to try it with a Bolognese mix, but I think it will work splendidly!

I also tried putting the zucchini in boiling water for a minute and then draining but prefer the texture if its thrown in the pan.

Try it for yourself! Aka. a Guilt free pasta-like midnight snack option 🙂

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