The house of Vons. Aka Von Haus

To finish off my fantastic win in the Broadsheet & Bank of Melbourne Quarters Competition, I was given a $100 bar tab at the oh so Melbourne establishment, Von Haus.

This snug little bar seats about 20 at capacity, which is why you have to love it. The dim lights, wall of beautiful wine and friendly staff make it a great place to either chill for hours or have a night cap before heading home.

With $100 we could either
a) see how many drinks we could squeeze out of the staff…
b) buy the best bottle of wine they could offer on that budget.

We went with b. Enter the 2006 Barolo.

If you are yet to try…no, experience the Barolo, please invest and do so.

Although the bar goer’s were small in numbers they were incredibly entertaining and it proved to be a fantastic venue for people watching and dubbing conversations you couldn’t hear. The lighting was a perfect combination of light enough to watch people yet dim enough so they couldn’t see you watching. Wow. Stalker much?

The bar staff were so friendly and keen for a chat. Even if it was mainly my Taco bestie and I raving on about how good the wine was. We even gave her a taste. That is how good it was!

Von Haus also offers nibbles, cheese platters and one incredibly rich looking chocolate tart. All of which I just couldn’t fit in post Hoboken/Pei Modern/Señoritas food fest.

Perfect location to impress a date I reckon. All I need now is the date….
Von Haus on Urbanspoon

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