SENORITAS….not the justin timberlake variety

Mexican is taking over Melbs.

You can’t fight it, its fact. Mamasita started it, the Taco truck reinforced it and now players like Touche Hombre and Senoritas are picking up their sombreros and joining in the action!

As part of my Broadsheet day out winnings, my taco bestie and I were rewarded with dinner at the ever popular Senoritas on Meyers Lane.


If Leo was to go to a Mexican restaurant in Romeo and Juliet, this is what it would have looked like. The rich red vibrancy embraces you as you walk in and are greeted by Mexican Geisha statues. Yep that’s the only way I can describe them.

Being a lover of all things Mexican, especially the accent, I could tell from the start that Senoritas and I were going to be good friends, especially when corn chips and 3 x salsa were brought to the table before we even opened the Menus.

Passionfruit Margeritas were ordered and we were off! My weakness at Mexican is the Ceviche and (I’m gonna say it…) this was

Beautiful chunks of Kingfish with that tangy spicy dressing with the perfect accompaniments. I was tempted to order seven more, but as we had ordered half the menu, I decided to do that next time. Oh yeh, there will be a next time.


Kingfish Ceviche & Passionfruit Margherita.

The small restaurant was packed by this point, (7.30 on a Saturday…I’d be concerned if it wasn’t!) but the service didn’t falter and the waiters salsa’d their way around the restaurant, making everyone feel that “mi casa su casa” vibe.


Chicken Mole & Mexican Rice

As we had been eating all day, my Taco Bestie was starting to falter after a few tostadas (sorry no photo, ate them too fast), so when the Chicken Mole hit the table, I was willing to prove my skill of being a Human Vacuum and took the reins.

Never having tried Mole, I was interested to see what the whole Dark Chocolate & Protein fanfare was all about. Yep. It’s a party in your mouth. Having had a tomato for dessert at Pei earlier in the day, I was obviously trying to mix and match and test my tate buds.


The mole was smooth and you can tell its one of those things that can easily go very wrong (but I still enjoy laughing at those on Masterchef who fail at it). Chocolate chicken is where it’s at. Go try it. do it. now.


I told you we ordered half the menu…Next up were the Prawn & Chipotle Tortillas (and yes they make their own. on site. Boss.)

I personally would have preferred have a little less Chipotle as it took away from the great fresh prawn…saying that i would also probably eat a bowl of chipotle sauce by itself, so I wasn’t complaining. I had heard about this dish prior and it didn’t disappoint.


Overall with the Spanish dress style lights, the Romeo&Juliet esque fittings, the waiter’s accents, the margheritas and of course the Tequila (na na nana na na na na, nana na na nana naaa Tequila!), Senoritas is definitely assisting in the Mexican wave over Melbs.

Oh and you can book! So no needing to wait on stairs for an hour (not talking about anywhere in particular…)

8.5/10. ole!

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