As part of the Amazeballs Broadsheet prize, I was lucky enough to get $500 to spend at the Lucy Folk store. I have often had a quick squiz at the pretzels and pasta jewellery that lines the walls of this cute little boutique.

ImageOriginating from a love of making pasta jewellery (real pasta), this store now has 4 collections, all revolving around food. Whats not to love!!

I fell in the love with Silver Lobster leg necklace reading “Larry the Lobster lost his leg”, but settled with a taco friendship bracelet (One for me and one for my taco friend), 2 bracelets, a necklace and some gorgeous detailed gold earrings in the shape of Cloves.

If you haven’t checked out Lucy Folk yet, head over there, you’re missing out! 

AND if shopping tires you out, it is in close proximity to the Melbourne institution Pellegrinis, so swing by there for a delicioso pasta & espresso to come down from the Shopping experience.

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