1st stop. Hoboken.

First up on the Jess & Taco Day of Awesomeness was brekky at Hoboken. And what’s better than breakfast at Hoboken? FREE breakfast at hoboken, courtesy of Broadsheet & Bank of Melbourne.

Luke & the team at Hoboken have a limited Brekky menu, starting with the Hobo Brekky, to the typical Corn Fritters & Poached Eggs. I went with the Corn Fritters upon Luke’s recommendation, (with added Avocado…because Avocado and I can’t stay away from each other) and Taco went with the Poached Eggs & Bacon.


“The Corn fritters have corn meal in them so they’re extra….corny” Luke – Hoboken

These fluffy fritters of Corny Goodness were fantastic although the salsa was a little too sweet for the morning. My choice of the avo worked well.

Another one of my milestone achievements lately is that I have (somehow) been avoiding coffee during the week. So coffee at Hoboken was even more exciting than usual. The beans are Padre, smooth and the barrista must have been a tad sleepy and thought he’d wake us all up with Super Strong coffee. Much appreciated with our day ahead.


Hoboken, awesome feel. Def returning to try the great sandwiches in the cabinet. Next time must remember to wear my Hipster clothes.

Hoboken Cafe on Urbanspoon

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