Hunters’ Roots.

The eternal question; what am I going to have for lunch today?

Yes I try to be good and prepare the lunches but when you work smack bang in the middle of Melbourne’s CBD, the food choices call to you. Eat the fried chicken, eat the burger, eat the sashimi, eat the delicious 7 tiered cake that will cause you to suffer severe food coma as soon your done. Food, you evil temptress.

On this particular day, Cmac and I ventured out and wanted to try to be healthy. Not an easy feat I can assure you. I was yet to try Hunters’ Roots and knew they sold Extra Mile Kombucha so figured it was a win win.

FullSizeRender (6)

Walking into this small space in the Archway off Flinders lane, you immediately feel like you’re doing good things for your bod. Crisp is the word I would use the describe the space. With a selection of organic salads, sandwiches and sushi, the decisions were very difficult.

I chose two salads being the poached chicken and the salmon and soba noodles. Mm so tasty. Everything was cooked brilliantly and even though I probably hadn’t chose salads that complemented each other, they were both delicious in their own right.

FullSizeRender (8)

The Lemon detox Kombucha from Extra Mile also went down a treat. If you prefer Kombucha a tad sweeter, try the Passionfruit variety. Tastes like a super healthy Passiona (minus the sugar high). It took me back to days of being 6 or 7, running under the sprinkler in the back yard in summer time and thinking that it was pretty much the best day ever. Ahem, my bad, back to the Roots.

FullSizeRender (7)

Cmac went with brown rice sushi and a poached chicken sandwich which he was raving about for days. No snap unfortunately as it was demolished in record time.

Healthy, light lunch options with produce that makes you feel good. Can’t get much better on a sunny lunch time in Melbs.


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Gimme Jimmy.

Thousands of shoppers have been descending upon the new and improved Eastland and it would be fair to say one of the most popular places would have to be Jimmy Grants. Georgie boy is expanding his empire piece by piece.

About a week after the big reveal, I ventured into J.Grants as a newbie. I’d never been to any of the other stores but knew I was in for a Greek food feast.

I headed in on the dot of midday as I knew it would get busy. To be honest, it wasn’t the best first impression. Yes they’re teething, so you have to cut them some slack, but if you have customers waiting at the door, it might be a good idea to pause the ‘catchup convos’ happening at the door of the kitchen and help the patrons. We can see you. And it ain’t a good look.

I was seated at a long table sans menu, which was forgiveable. When that was rectified I was left to ponder my choice. Oh so many options. My foodie partner in crime, JW, had raved about the grain salad, but I’m not one to leave it at that. Mr Papadopoulos AND the grain salad. Locked in.

I was leaning towards an additional serve of Taromosalata but the food gods must have been monitoring my portions as I was informed they had run out.

Hopefully next time I visit, there will be a bit more organisation going on. No one really knew who was serving who or where orders needed to be sent. People around me commented that they had been waiting for a “solid 30” and were keen to “just grab whatevs.” I hoped it wasn’t going to get to that stage as I was in already in the early stages of hangry before I arrived.

Food came out in waves so I managed to get mine pretty quickly. Yes they ignored me and forgot to give me a menu and weren’t really sure whether their heads were screwed on, but boy did the food live up to the hype.


FullSizeRender (4)

The Mr Papa was so fresh and flavoursome and took me straight back to the streets of Santorini where I ate my weight in gyros each day. Quite an accomplishment I think. Bravo, JP.

My only negative would be the aioli. I’d definitely prefer it was lashings of Tatziki. But if that’s how GC does it, then we’ll roll with it.

The grain salad was a brilliant recommendation and one of which I will attempt to recreate at home. This would probably end with knowing mine didn’t taste as good, jumping on the bike and riding to buy some more at Jimmy Grants. That may or may not have happened already.

If you’re yet to experience Jimmy’s, it’s definitely worth it. Just maybe give the Eastland crew a few weeks to hit their stride. Mr Papa, I’ll be back for you.

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Nothing/Everything fishy at Hunky Dory.

Eastland has arrived. The new Eastland. With a funky new logo that naturally means they are super modern and you should visit based on the logo merit alone.

Must admit I was uber impressed on my first visit. Like its massive counterpart, Chadstone, aka the centre of the Universe according to Husband’s nana, there is plenty of natural light and the shops available are pretty damn brilliant.

Now to the important stuff. The food. Eastland was promising big things in their open air food arena and they have delivered. Some of Melbourne’s heavyweights have come on in and there are food choices galore. Calombaris brought J.Grants, Mr Cammora brought his tacos from Paco and the Dan Wilson rolled on in with Huxtaburger. Yup. I am way too close to the food.

On my first visit to Eastland, there was one venue in particular that was pulling a crowd, and that my friends was Hunky Dory. (Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…I digress. But you were thinking it too)

Walking in, you can physically see the fish is fresh and everyone loves that hot chip smell. But I can reassure you; this place is far from your local fish and chip shop.

First up, the service was brilliant. This was their first day. First day! And things appeared to be working like clockwork. Everyone was smiling and super excited to feed you. I had found my people.


FullSizeRender (3)


I went with a grilled fillet of salmon, chips and Greek salad. Freakin delicious. And the portion size was one that goldilocks would have approved of – juuuust right. Aka perfect for me and probably massive for a regular appetite. The fish was cooked so well and just melted. Crispy skin, added bonus. They definitely knew how to whip up a damn good Greek salad and them chippies…ahhh.

Hunky Dory made a brilliant first impression and will definitely be able to take on the Ronda Rouseys of food land. Great spot for a pre movie dinner or if you need shopping sustenance. Head on in, grab a good feed and everything will be Hunky Dory.


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Fried Frydays. Market Time.


Those summer nights are getting closer. Check out that sky. What a stunner. Spring time is here and it’s time to say good bye to the coat (we hope) for another year. Well, it is Melbs, so maybe keep it on the door knob for a couple more weeks. Just in case.

The warm nights are calling us to get out and about and enjoy this city of ours. There’s markets galore going on at the moment, but take my advice and head Queen Vic way this Friday. The crowd is definitely manageable and the food…oh the food! Stirfrydays are running every Friday until the end of November.

Husband and I were invited to Stirfrydays to check out the fare and embrace our portion control issues. Stirfrydays is a bit of a mixed bag with various food types but leans towards an Asian fusion approach. With burgers. No complaints here.



Hoy Pinoy Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

The place has a great vibe with live music, a couple of bars and of course a whole lotta food. Walking in from the Fancy Hank’s end, it’s impossible to walk past the mouth watering Hoy Pinoy pork skewers. The sticky tangy bbq style sauce was delicious and I could have filled up with glass with it. Oh I’ve done it before.


1090 Burger Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Whatever you’re craving for a Friday treat, Stirfrydays has you covered. I was of course soon drawn to the 1090 team. I was yet to sample these bad boys and they did not let me down. They would have to be in the top ten Melbourne burgers for sure. Sweet bun, scrumptious patties with a brilliant sauce to meat ratio. Hai faive, guys.

Stirfrydays has really embraced the buzz of the Korean bbq and have offerings from Korean Fried Chicken, Digging for Fire Korean BBQ, Cali.Ko and Gorilla Grill. The smells were just. so. damn. good.


Gorilla Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I stalked a few people carrying food and knew the fried chicken ribs from Gorilla Grill were on my radar.  If you’re looking for bang for your buck, this truck is where it’s at. About 5-6 ribs, salad and corn for $12 or so. My bad for lack of memory, think I am still suffering food coma. It’s a daily occurrence. I was a happy chappy and a rather full one at that.

The biggest crowd was at the Hammer and Tong truck with their signature soft shell crab sliders sliding out the door and there was sadly a ‘sold out’ sign up when we rolled over there. A foodie’s worst nightmare. Oh well, we will just HAVE to go to Hammer and Tong and eat all the things now.


To help those with portion control issues chill out before dish number 456, Stirfrydays have a great bar set up supported by Coopers, Thatchers and Sidewood wines from the Adelaide Hills. We found a seat, ok it was a light post, and enjoyed people watching for a while with our bevvies. Ah the characters you see. Also, it is a brilliant place to spy on people stuffing their faces on the Fancy Hanks balcony. Note to self; when stuffing face on the Fancy Hanks balcony, remember people can see you…


Lil Nom Nom's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Husband soon made a bee line for Little Nom Noms as he knew he needed the Fried a Chicken Bao in his life. Yes he waited for about half an hour but according to the man who usually hates waiting, it was well worth it. Look at that thing. Drool.

The options are awesome with offerings available from White Guy Cooks Thai, Gyoza records, Let’s do Yum Cha and Nem ‘n’ Nem (ha!) as well. So never fear, if you’re not a fan of fried chicken (weirdo), there’s plenty to keep you entertained.

We had an uber delicious time checking out Stirfrydays. Definitely worth a visit!

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Chorizo & Rhinos. Three One 2 One.

Bridge Road, Richmond. Where there are more cafes than people frequenting them. Where there are more top knots on baristas than…hmm…well there’s a lot. You get the picture. Cafes. Richmond. Bridge road. Lots. Recently Husband and I were invited to check out Three One Two One.

I’d ventured here once before and loved the local nature of the place and you can tell they’d have their regulars and know their coffee order before they had to ask. A welcome change to some of the cafes on this packed out strip.


Affectionately known as the ‘Rhino cafe’, the brilliant crew at 3121 give a portion of their earnings to the ‘Save the Rhino Foundation’. Naw, ain’t that lovely. So you should eat that ca-razy milkshake and add a couple of nutella donuts because you’re doing it for a good cause. Good karma is coming your way, my friend. Eat the donut.

The cafe was bustling around 11am on the Sunday we visited and after a long ride down Beach Road, we were ready for a big feed. Ok we are always read for a big meal. If I ever say, ‘no thanks, i’m not hungry’, something is definitely wrong.


I was craving some juice goodness and decided to go green. I admittedly haven’t ever had a green juice that I loved so I was keen to see what was on offer. The team at 3121 have brought Julian’s Organics on board. Good, good move. This was by far the best green juice I’ve had. So good in fact, I had two! This smashing good bevvie was filled with all goodness, including kiwi, kale, oranges, broccoli sprouts, spinach, spirulina and coconut water. Try it for yo’self!


Whilst perusing the menu, husband went for an iced coffee. He thought it was great and was strong enough unlike alot you see around the traps. He wanted the cafe’s version of a ‘big brekky’ and it definitely delivered on that front. The breakfast also wins the best name ever award. The Mamashabubu breakie was packed with all the things.


This bad boy was packed with bacon, chorizo (yep, brilliant meaty double up), eggies, cherry tomatoes,black eyed bean ragout, broccoli (?) and a strange looking hashbrown. Husband gobbled it down and really liked the strange shaped hashie. I thought the menu said avo but maybe it wasn’t great so broccoli was added. Interesting choice, but hey, you always need your greens.


I umm’d and ahh’d as per usual and ended up going with the beans. Beans beans the wonderful fruit, the more you eat the more you toot. Lucky husband. I really liked the chorizo. Perfectly cooked for meeee. Unfortunately the beans were a bit over cooked and had turned a bit mushy and the egg was a tad undercooked for my liking, but hey, I still ate it! When combined with the chorizo, the beans were great and could have been delicious with a bit less cooking time.


There’s always a silver lining, and although that eggie was a tad undercooked for me, it did make for an epic #yolkporn shot. Mmm. Eggggs. I really liked the vibe of Three One Two One and I would head back to try their epic sounding lunch menu or convince husband that he wants one of the crazy shakes and sit back and observe the sugar high effects.

Must admit, if I were the manager of a cafe, I probably wouldn’t be rocking a tshirt that says ‘I’m not arguing, I’m just explaining why I’m right’….wasn’t the best look. Especially when I overheard another patron say the same thing. But aside from their tshirt choice, the staff were great and embraced the chilled vibe of the cafe.


This shot is probably the first time my legs saw sunlight for about 6 months. Gotta love you, Melbs. Twas a delight to be invited to Three One Two One and i’ll head back to try the lunch menu for sure. The Huervos Rancheros also sounded delish so make sure you give that a crack for me if you check it out soon. You’ve gotta be pretty special to stand out on Bridge Rd, and although my brekky wasn’t as great as I was expecting, I’d head back for the vibe. And the green juice.

Peace out, my rhino friend.

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Happy place. Tarrawarra love.


Hashtag awesome.

There aren’t many places that you can continuously go back to and receive top notch service, deliciously scrumptious food and brilliant vino. Enter, Tarrawarra. My happy place.

My lovely husband took me to Tarrawarra for the first time a couple of years ago and I instantly fell for the scenery. It is an incredibly picturesque area and if you are yet to venture there, please go, now.


Summer dreamin’.

Since my first encounter with my happy place, we have been there a couple of times for both events and random occasions. I enjoy making up occasions as an excuse to go and eat copious amounts of food. Celebrating the birthday of my imaginary friend, international talk like a pirate day, international donut day, Maxie the puggle’s birthday (when we don’t actually take Maxie)…you get the drift. I get creative. Nothing wrong with that.

For this particular outing, we had recently been insane and sold our house and bought a new one within the space of one hour. So naturally I found the need to go celebrate this event at the ever amazing Tarrawarra Winery.


Wind in the willows.

We were greeted by the charming Darren and seated at window overlooking the wind in the willows deckspace and rolling hills of the winery and rest of the valley. The Deck is something in itself. I have dreams of summer afternoons and a glass (or seven) of the delectable Blanc de blanc. Bliss.

I sound like I am writing a love letter to a winery. Do I have issues? Well you go check it out and then let me know if you think my love is unwarranted.


iPlease send palette to casa di JP.

It was like the good folk of Tarrawarra read my mind, as as soon as we were seated, we were brought a bottle of my favourite 2010 Vintage Blanc de Blanc. The sparkling has an almost creamy texture to it and ah it’s just divine. No I don’t ‘know’ wine, but I know when I love it.


All the things.


All the bread. Is there anything better?

Whilst sipping and perusing and people watching, we enjoyed some starters with all the trimmings. The olives reminded me of a story my dad told me about his mate sitting at a bar one night, eating what he thought were nuts….He was soon informed by the barman that they were olive pips…someone else’s olive pips. Mm. Safe to say he didn’t go back to that bar.


Tasmania kicking goals. 

Husband was in a seafood mood and went with half a dozen Tasmanian oysters. The big fellas arrived and they looked fantastic. So fresh and meaty and they were gone almost before I put my camera down. Husband and I continuously bond over our ability to make food disappear in front of your eyes. Tadaaa.

I had umm’d and ahh’d over the menu (as usual) and I am oh so happy with my choice. This is definitely one of the best dishes I have had in Melbourne.


Air dried venison. No further notes required.

It was just so pretty. From the moment it was placed on the table I knew I was going to love it. Air dried venison and beetroot with all the trimmings. The textures and flavours. Gah drooling now. This was spectacular and props to the chef for creating such a brilliant dish from the property’s produce.

The restaurant was buzzing on that Saturday afternoon and people watching was at an all time high. There was a potential first date over in the corner near the fire which was spectacularly awkward and they seemed to save the date whilst admiring each dish and swirling wine. If conversation fails always talk food. Or weather. Ha, we loved it.


Shank you very, very much.

Husbo (we’re trying out new nicknames) was immediately drawn to the veal shank on the menu and, you guessed it, it didn’t disapoint. Veal Shank with roast vegetables and creamy mash goodness. For the cool weather outside, the fire burning inside, this dish was a match made in heaven. Great serving size too which is always high on husband’s list. He’s one of those people that will go out for a banquet of 1453895 courses and still require a big mac on the way home. We really are soul mates.


Hey there, Skippy.

Pretty as a picture. My main choice was torn between well every menu option and after discussing choices with the waitress, I decided on the dukkah crusted kangaroo (la roo la roo) with tahini yoghurt and spinach sautéed with lemon and harissa. Ultimate party in your mouth. The roo was cooked perfectly as well, needs to be rare in my opinion and it was perfecto.


Local sprouts and BACON.


Dem chippies.

My love of bacon is no secret. I think people I haven’t even met yet would know of my love for the pig. So obviously, when local sprouts are offered with pancetta, lentils and parmesan. You order it and decide you will have this in your food pyramid. What I love about Tarrawarra is that so much of their menu is sourced from their own garden and the care and freshness shows in each dish.

And chips. Well, everyone wants them. You can’t not order chips. Unless you have a disastrous potato allergy. What a dilemma that would be. Hand cut chips with barrel aged red wine vinegar and cumin salt. I have decided that I am going to put barrel aged red wine vinegar all over evrrythang. Even my muesli. Yep, it’s happening.


I forgot-o how much I love affogato.


Sa pretty I used as my header. 

I love food. So dessert is always a requirement. I’m usually a cheese over chocolate kinda lady but there was choices galore on the dessert menu so I had to go with a sweet option. Husband was encouraged to get an affogato even though he didn’t feel like dessert (crazy man) and it was, as expected, delicious. Super creamy gelato that complimented the frangelico and coffee so well.

 I’ve said it before, and you guessed it, I will say it again, I’ve never been the biggest fan of salted caramel. I know, I’m strange. I love salt, i love caramel but I think it’s sometimes way too rich and not balanced with the right accompaniments. Enter, Tarrawarra. I was a bit sceptical about this choice, but you really can’t go wrong with Dark Chocolate. Delicious. Chocolate, salted caramel and poached pear perfection. I am running out of adjectives. The pear was a great match with the salted caramel.


My buddy, Pedro.

I felt like a vino to finish off my meal and asked Darren to recommend something to complement my dessert. He knew what to do. Pedro Ximenez was delivered to the table and my day was complete. Not a fan of dessert wine, I was initially sceptical when I first tried ol’ Pedro but it is a fantastic accompaniment to a dessert such as mine and I definitely could have taken another glass and had a nap under the trees in the vineyard.


Attempting to blend into the wall so husbo would leave me behind.

What can I say? It’s my favourite of the Yarra Valley for very good reason. You could never fault the service, the view is always a stunner, the food, well my photography doesn’t do it justice, and the wine, oh the wine. Roll up and have a taste of a range of vinos and have a chat to the staff about their spectacular venue. My favourite of the wines is definitely the 2013 K Block Merlot, the 2013 Reserve Pinot Noir (both of which I purchased that day), and of course, the aforementioned Blanc de Blanc. Some of the best wines in the entire region. And there’s a few to choose from. I promise to try them all for you.

I will be back oh so soon and cannot wait. If you are venturing to our beautiful Yarra Valley, book in and experience the experience. Standing ovation. Dear Tarrawarra, you’re swell. Love, JP.

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Pastry Heaven. Rustica Canteen.


 knead. Ha.

Oh, Melbs. You know I love you dearly. Working in the CBD is a blessing and a curse. Because you get to be in the hustle and bustle and all the goodness….but you are also THAT much closer to the pastries and donuts of Guildford Lane. Ok, ok, I don’t mind it. First we had Shortstop enter our lives and I found out that I am obsessed with Maple Walnuts on top of glazed donuts. And then my friends, along came Rustica Canteen.

I thought I had distanced myself far away enough from their flagship store over on Brunswick St. I’m a freak when near pastry and now they’ve hit up the CBD, they better be ready for me. I’m JP and I have an addiction to gluten. I had a ‘scare’ early this year when my doc informed me I needed to try the glutard diet for health reasons. Thank GAWD that did not solve anything and I was back on the donut wagon soon enough.

Back to the purpose of this post. Rustica Sourdough. I ventured down the cobblestone lane with Cmac a week ago to check out the new joint that was filling up my instafeed with Choux bombs, cronuts and donuts, oh my. Love the fit out of the space. It gives you a hipster embrace as soon as you walk in.


Ice, Ice Baby.

We were seated at a high table, and I soon noticed in the pastry cabinet that all the cronuts were already gone. Sad face. Angst face. Devastation. I must confess, I have never had a cronut. I know, I am shocked too. I have had a croissant and a donut. And a croissant right before a donut. So technically, I have had a cronut of sorts. But I will return soon to Rustica to find out what all the fuss was about all that time ago when the Cronut was the bees knees.

We were both content with our waters until a young hipster kid on our table was provided with the coolest looking iced coffee I have seen in a while. So naturally, we both had to order one. Complete with awesome stripey straw. Delicious coffee with rather nutty notes. So much so, I had to ask the quirky waiter whether it was in fact almond milk. Not so. Just delicious cawfee.


High arty shot.

I knew I would be taking away at least one pastry so I decided to go with the salad. A meaty, cheesey delcious salad of honey roasted pumpkin, vitelotte (purple…people eater) potatoes, lentils, greens, persian fetta and of course, I had to add pulled lamb for $4. Definitely worth it. Good solid serve of salad and brilliant for those of us with portion control issues who order a salad and expect a feast.


Sandwich specials. Always delicious.

Cmac had just come from a ridiculously large pre grand final morning tea at work (tough gig…morning tea then lunch….jealous) so he wanted to go with something small. Yes his portion control issues are why we are friends. The daily special of a massive sanga filled with chorizo is his idea of small. Good boy, Cmac. He demolished it. I was lucky to grab a big bite before it disappeared (research of course) and I can vouch for it’s awesomeness.

His impatience to eat is evident through his finger sneaking into the above shot. Couldn’t even wait for me to take the 3479 shot of his lunch. Pfft.

Have to add, LOVED the tunes crankin’ in the place. Big props to the music man. Chilled vibe, old schools songs and then Pony comes on. Which of course is awesome. Weow weow weow.

The waiter also let us know that was the first day they had starting serving the iced cawfees so with the heat wave we are experiencing set to settle in, get to Rustica, drink ten of them. We hear there’s going to be a salted caramel version and maybe even marshmallow. So get in there, grab a pastry, grab a coffee and then grab another pastry.

I of course got an almond croissant takeaway. This was meant to last until about 4pm when I needed a sugar hit. It lasted until I got about half way back to work. So it lasted about 500m. Delicious flakey pastry with rich almond meal throughout. If only pastry was good for you. I be the new age Michelle Bridges-Kayla Itsines combo.

Rustica has got it goin’ on. Can’t wait to get my paws on a cronut. See you soon, friends.

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